Coinbase will pay you in BAT to learn more about Brave

February 6, 2019, 4:42PM EDT

Coinbase has officially added the token behind Brave browser (BAT) to its Earn platform, the second token listed to its education service.  

Coinbase Earn is the evolution of, a product that aims to pay consumers small amounts of cryptocurrencies in exchange for learning about an asset’s utility and underlying technology. Acquired for more than $100 million, Coinbase is hoping the new product becomes an important function within the crypto ecosystem as a trusted educational resource for consumers looking to learn more about developments and applications in the space.

Coinbase is offering up to $10 worth of BAT for watching 3 short videos (3-4 minutes), and downloading the Brave browser. Users looking to receive the BAT will need to receive an Earn invite or join the waitlist for future opportunities.

BAT is up ~6% in the past hour on the news, because why not?

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