Bitcoin retail investor holdings of up to 10 BTC are still going strong despite crypto winter

February 27, 2019, 8:42AM EDT

The crypto price crash did not scare retail investors away from acquiring supply holdings, Diar writes. After a slow year, 2019 has already seen 3 percent growth in addresses holding between 1 and 10 Bitcoin, continuing an upward trajectory for the segment.


According to Diar, the rounded holdings, which average between 1 and 10 Bitcoins, suggest the addresses likely belong to retail investors—not exchanges or cold-storage. Moreover, most of the wallets appear to have been made for saving purposes; 97 percent of those which hold 5 or 10 Bitcoins have not made any transfers since their creation.

While these rounded holdings only account for 10 percent of the circulating Bitcoin supply, their ongoing growth could eventually turn into a significant slice of the pie. Diar notes that larger holdings between 10 and 1,000 Bitcoin have suffered a 6 percent decrease since last year which could possibly signify a declining interest from wealthier investors.

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