Fiat Freeway: GMO’s JPY-pegged Stablecoin Rises in the Big Apple and Fed Researchers Weigh-in on Digital Asset Tokens vs. Accounts

Last week, ‘Fiat Freeway’ explored Visa’s novel offline payment system (OPS) protocol, which expands the global payments technology company’s fast-growing digital ecosystem into CBDC. We’ve also previously covered Paxos’ $142M Series C fundraising, FinCEN’s proposed KYC rule for digital wallets, digital asset firms seeking banking licenses, digital asset industry backlash from Capitol Hill, China’s Digital […]
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Jan 6, 2021, 12:12PM UTC

Fiat Freeway: China’s DCEP Progress in H2 2020

Last week, ‘Fiat Freeway’ reviewed an ECB Board Member’s stablecoin speech in Frankfurt, Circle’s blog post on using stablecoins for US foreign policy in Venezuela, and a BIS paper on “rigid stablecoins” from the late Bank of Amsterdam. To date, we’ve mostly covered CBDC updates, including the ECB’s ‘digital euro’ initiative, the Fed’s classification of […]
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Dec 2, 2020, 12:00PM UTC