Brave browser is collecting donations on your behalf — did you know?

Quick Take

  • Brave allows its users to send publishers BAT tokens, but most publishers don’t know this fact
  • British YouTuber Tom Scott was not happy to learn that Brave was collecting funds on his behalf
  • Scott wants Brave to refund all the tokens, but the tips are anonymous
  • Brendan Eich, Brave’s founder, says Brave has updated its reward system in response, but there is still no opt-in feature
  • After raising $35 million in an ICO last year, Brave still controls 23% of the BAT supply
The Brave web browser is collecting money in the form of BAT (basic attention tokens) on your behalf! Surprise! Free money doesn’t sound too bad. But the second part is an issue. If you tell someone you are collecting money on my behalf, that means someone could send you money thinking it is actually going […]

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