Coinbase to relaunch as Coinbase Earn, the latest iteration of a product with many former identities

Quick Take

  • Coinbase announced the launch of Coinbase Earn, where users can earn small amounts of crypto for educating themselves
  • was founded as ’21e6′ in 2013 and focused on producing ASIC chips and deploying them for private use in data centers
  • 21e6 then rebranded to and diversified into consumer products, unsuccessfully
  • 21e6 pivoted one more time to where users can earn digital currency by replying to emails and completing tasks
  • Coinbase eventually acquired for more than $100 million, and it looks to have paid off due to the talent involved
Coinbase announced on Wednesday the next evolution of, dubbed Coinbase Earn. The new product will start as an educational platform where users can earn small amounts of cryptocurrencies by learning about an asset’s utility and its underlying technology. Priced at slightly more than $100 million last April, was Coinbase’s first significant acquisition. Recode […]

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