Litecoin Foundation founders: we 'don't have a business model,' but Litecoin will survive

Quick Take

  • The Litecoin Foundation now has at most two years of runway left, and its co-founders are scraping together a business model to generate more revenue
  • Charlie Lee, Litecoin founder, said Litecoin’s fate is not dependent on the fate of Litecoin Foundation
  • The foundation right now only has one full time, paid employee; everyone else works as a volunteer
In April 2017, the Litecoin Foundation was founded with $0 in the bank. As the price of Litecoin skyrocketed from around $10 to over $200 later that year, the foundation suddenly was sitting on more than $1 million in assets.  Now, the Litecoin Foundation has a modest $200,000 in total assets, a lean team consisting […]

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