Bancor had a front-running problem, so it hired one of the manipulators to fix it

Quick Take

  • Decentralized exchange Bancor hired a front-runner to develop solutions to a front-running issue on its platform
  • Front-running has been a prevalent problem in finance, and now it has found its way to crypto exchanges 
  • An academic paper found that front running is a common problem on several decentralized exchanges, including EtherDelta, Bancor, and Kyber
What’s a decentralized exchange (DEX) to do when a pesky front-runner is ripping off your clientele? You hire him.  That’s exactly what decentralized exchange Bancor, which prefers to be referred to as a “liquidity network,” did when users of its platform noticed that a trader was jumping in front of other users’ market orders. Front-running […]

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