Blockchain ETFs are on a steep climb up - but it may take a while for disillusioned investors to return

Quick Take

  • The last six months have seen strong performances by the biggest blockchain exchange-traded funds (ETFs), launched in early 2018
  • The ETFs track the share-price of companies that develop or use blockchain technology, largely investing in mining, tech or finance firms
  • After a year-long downwards curve, the last six months have instead shown their value surge sharply upwards
  • Still, investors remain shy, with the assets invested in the ETFs generally still down
January 2018 saw the first four blockchain ETFs break onto the scene in quick succession in the US. They were somewhat of a novelty, tracking the share price of 20 to 50 companies developing or using blockchain in some capacity, for an average 0.75% management fee. Investors flocked to them, pumping in hundreds of millions, […]

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