Uniswap: information, guesses, and thoughts about v3

Quick Take

  • Uniswap is the most used decentralized exchange, with a 55% market share on trade volume and 10x the number of active users (addresses) compared to its closest competitor
  • Uniswap v3 is expected to bring significant improvements to capital-efficiency and can kick-off a migration to a scalable L2 environment for many Ethereum applications
  • Information on Uniswap v3 is scarce. This research piece extrapolates and makes guesses as to potential features based on publicly available information
Uniswap is the most used decentralized exchange, with a 55% trade volume market share and approximately 10x the number of users (measured by addresses) compared to any competing protocol. Source: Dune Analytics For the first time, Uniswap’s weekly moving average for trade volume passed $1 billion. The protocol’s next upgrade (v3) is a long-awaited one […]

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