Mapping out Cosmos' ecosystem

Quick Take

  • The Cosmos ecosystem will consist of independent blockchains that maintain governance-related autonomy but be interoperable where they can transfer tokens and data with each other
  • Next month, the Stargate upgrade for Cosmos will include the release of the Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol, which will turn interoperability from an idea to production-ready reality
  • The Block has mapped out a total of 143 projects across 17 different verticals currently developing on the Cosmos ecosystem
In April 2017, the Interchain Foundation raised $17 million worth of Bitcoin and Ethereum to build an interconnected blockchain network. Networks built on Cosmos will have the ability to maintain governance-related autonomy and be interoperable where they can transfer tokens and data with each other. Tendermint, also known as All In Bits Inc., has been […]

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