Futureswap: an AMM for perpetual swaps

Quick Take

  • Futureswap is a protocol for perpetual swaps that combines an automated market maker (AMM) with funding rate payments.
  • FST tokens are currently being distributed to traders and liquidity providers — or about 0.04% of the supply per day. 
  • Futureswap has immediately seen some trading interest with volumes at ~$30 million per day over the past week. However, the question is how much is driven by FST incentives.
For a detailed overview on perpetual swaps and the market opportunity in decentralized finance, see this research piece on Perpetual Protocol. Ever since BitMEX launched perpetual futures in 2016, perpetual swaps have been a massive hit in crypto. Unlike traditional futures contracts, perpetual swaps don’t have an expiry date, which has made them easier to […]

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