Catnip.Exchange and Protocol Unbundling

Quick Take

  • After initial excitement around Augur, prediction markets have not seen much success. New projects like Polymarket and Omen are starting to revive activity
  • Catnip.Exchange is a UI built on Augur where shares are traded on Balancer. The UI’s main market for the 2020 election has $315k in liquidity
  • Catnip is an interesting example of protocol unbundling — taking different parts of multiple protocols to provide a better end-user experience
Growth in decentralized finance has been driven by the success of a few core financial primitives starting to work well enough to replace centralized counterparts. The best examples of this are DEXs, which facilitated $23.5 billion in trade volume in September, led by Uniswap surpassed Coinbase in monthly volume. The success is highly self-referential. Most […]

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