Digital asset prices have cooled off, but DeFi projects continue to attract venture capitalists

Quick Take

  • The month of August saw a total of 11 DeFi-related investment deals, an 83% increase month-over-month
  • In total, $54 million was raised, with the average deal size being approximately $5 million and a median deal size of roughly $3 million. 
  • In a span of four days (Aug. 25 – Aug. 28), there were seven deals that raised $24.75 million in aggregate, nearly half of the total funding for the month
While the price appreciation of digital assets has cooled off, at least for the time being, venture funding for DeFi projects and protocols certainly has not.  August saw the continuation of a trend we identified in July, wherein that month alone, there were six deals, the same as the total number of deals from March […]

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