Uniswap continues to dominate DEX landscape despite limited adoption of v2 feature set

Quick Take

  • Roughly two months after its v2 launch, Uniswap (37.20%) continues to dominate non-custodial exchange market share
  • Offering the broadest range of assets and a permissionless listing process, Uniswap is primed to capture upside from the current “alt”-focused market cycle
  • Yet as non-custodial exchange market structure continues to evolve and competitive protocols issue attractive subsidies, Uniswap will have to adapt to maintain its lead 
Data will auto-refresh on a 24-hour basis. Charts are interactive. All copy is relevant as of July 10, 2020. Launched in late 2018, Uniswap is a non-custodial automated market-maker exchange protocol. A departure from centralized limit order book models, Uniswap markets are structured as shared passive liquidity pools: liquidity providers (LPs) deposit assets of equal […]

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