Balancer breaks $100m AUM as BAL begins trading on secondary markets

Quick Take

  • Balancer, an n-dimensional automated market maker, has surpassed $100m in AUM
  • Key performance indicators are up across the board as protocol token, BAL, trades at $1.4bn fully diluted market capitalization 
  • Despite dramatic growth in liquidity inflows trade volumes remain relatively muted, raising questions around long-term capital efficiency
Data will auto-refresh on a 24-hour basis. Charts are interactive. All copy is relevant as of June 26, 2020. Path to BAL Launched on March 31 and funded by venture firms Placeholder and Accomplice, Balancer is a non-custodial n-dimensional automated market maker protocol. Like its predecessor, Uniswap, the Balancer system comprises various liquidity pools, with […]

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