Liquality: Atomic Swap protocol for trustless cross-chain exchange

Quick Take

  • Liquality is a Cross-Chain Atomic Swap protocol, allowing Bitcoin and Ether holders to exchange assets in an entirely trustless, peer-to-peer, zero-fee environment
  • Due to base protocol scalability constraints Liquality-based swaps are best suited for low frequency high volume exchange, although Layer 2 solutions may possibly alleviate these concerns in the near future 
  • Further development of an agent model may help bring cross-chain swaps to the mass market – for now, all exchange information must be coordinated offline beforehand 
Historically, the inability for individual blockchain networks to interoperate has forced users seeking to exchange assets across protocols to do so via centralized exchanges. This introduces counterparty risk, as well as exposing traders to potential censorship and service fees. Despite the recent proliferation of so-called ‘decentralized exchanges’ on Ethereum, none support native cross-chain swaps, limiting […]

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