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Genesis Daily

Jun 10, 2019

Money 2.0 Stuff: Liminal spaces

June 10, 2019, 6:37PM EDT

$CLAM The word ‘protocol’ sounds deceptively intimidating until you realize it is really just a cool synonym for ‘rules’. Rules, both formal and implicit, abound. Rules themselves are pretty boring. No one likes rules. The fun part comes from carefully evaluating these rules and devising exploitative strategies that have not been explicitly accounted for – […]

“Oh, how the mighty heroes have fallen! Stripped of their weapons, they lie dead.” This passage from the Second Book of Samuel recounts David’s lamentation over the tragic deaths of Jewish heroes Saul and Jonathan. As described in 2 Samuel, the military veterans, who were once mightier than lions and swifter than eagles, perished tragically: […]

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