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Genesis Daily

Jul 8, 2019

Delisting on Bittrex has been a death sentence for the tokens selected for the chopping block. Shortly after each announcement, token prices for nearly every project removed have dropped substantially. Delistings have been a common trend among exchanges throughout the year. Binance, OKEx, Poloniex and others have purged their token listings in attempt to cut […]

Coinbase Custody launched its staking service for institutional clients in late April which allowed clients to tap into rewards offered by certain types of digital assets running on proof-of-stake networks. Tezos was the first network supported and remains the only PoS coin available for staking rewards. While its staking service is still in its infancy […]

Based on analysis by The Block, the correlation between the returns on blockchain-related stocks and bitcoin has been largely insignificant. A few stocks have shown small levels of correlation for brief periods of time, but in general, these companies appear to have little relationship to the returns of bitcoin prices. For this analysis, we took […]

Binance, the largest crypto-to-crypto exchange, just had its best month in its existence; surpassing $60 billion of reported traded volume in June.  As interest in cryptocurrencies increased across the board in the last few months, Binance was able to capture a significant portion of the volume. The reported traded volume in May and June (~$125 […]

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