Examining investors’ return for Zcash’s founders reward

Quick Take

  • Electric Coin Co. raised $3 million for 16.4% of the company during two separate rounds to help kick-start Zcash’s development
  • The first round of investors had rights to 213,150 ZEC for the price of about $4.69 per coin and the second round was entitled to 131,250 ZEC for about $15.24 per coin
  • If investors sold the day they received their ZEC, first-round investors would have made a 3,027% return and second-round investors a 863% return. Even if an investor has still not sold any of the coins they received, they are still up 1,605% (or 425%) from their initial investment

When the cryptocurrency Zcash launched, part of its design was to designate 20% of the mining reward for the first four years, or 2.1 million of the total supply of ZEC, to be distributed among the founders, investors, employees, and advisors. But the founders reward expiration is fast approaching, presenting a defining moment for the token and prompting recent discussions and proposals in the community about possibly extending it beyond October 2020.