Security Token

It’s not all bad news for security tokens, if you look hard enough

Quick Take

  • Beneath the layoffs and project meltdowns, the security token space has also had some pearls of positivity this month
  • Notably, Securitize, the U.S.-based digital securities platform, says this quarter has been its best yet, boasting 17 new clients and strong revenue growth
  • Regulation also looks to slowly be edging forward in Japan, the U.S., and the UK
  • Spectators should now watch out for licensed liquidity providers and emboldened investors pumping money into the space to fund new players and boost demand

It’s not fun being the bearer of bad news, but there seems to be plenty of it when it comes to the security token world.

Just last week, much-hyped Polymath announced a series of layoffs and poor levels of token uptake, while in April, Harbor cancelled its flagship client in Colorado.