Knowing the developers: an analysis of Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin Unlimited

Quick Take

  • The Bitcoin Cash network is comprised of two dominant clients, Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin Unlimited, that equate to 98.4 percent of the 1,510 public nodes on the Bitcoin Cash network
  • In the past year Bitcoin ABC has had 25 developers commit to the client, however, 52% percent, or 13 of them, are actually Bitcoin Core Developers
  • Excluding any Bitcoin Core developers, three developers, Amaury Séchet (Deadalnix), Fabcien, and Jason Cox (Jasonbcox) are responsible for 88 percent of the commits in the past year
  • Bitcoin Unlimited has had 24 contributors this past year, but as was the case for ABC, about 33 percent are actually Bitcoin Core developers

As part of knowing the developers, we will be taking a look at Bitcoin Cash and its two most popular repositories, Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin Unlimited.

This is the first cryptocurrency we will be looking at that is a fork of Bitcoin (BTC). In August of 2017, conflict grew over increasing the “block size” of the network.