Knowing the developers: an analysis of Rippled

Quick Take

  • Rippled had a total of 21 contributors this past year where two-thirds were Ripple employees 
  • Joseph Loser (JoeLoser) stands out among developers for contributions, as he is the only contributor in the top 10 that is not a employee of Ripple
  • Ripple Lab’s engineers have been responsible for 86 percent of the commits, 96 percent of the lines added, and 99.8 percent of the lines deleted

As part of our Knowing the developers series, we are going to to take a look at Rippled, the client responsible for ripple, the third-largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

XRP and its associated company Ripple Labs have not been short of controversy. Ripple Labs has claimed it was gifted approximately 80 percent of the supply of XRP by open-source developers early on, but when this is held up to scrutiny it does not appear to be the case.