Crypto goodbyes: Why are Wall Street-ers who fell down the rabbit hole now leaving the space?

Quick Take

  • The door between Wall Street and crypto swings both ways, as large swathes who once joined the digital assets world now edge away again
  • A combination of cultural fatigue and market disillusion seem to be at the core
  • One former Goldman trader who left the bank to launch a crypto fund explains why he’s since left the space – and now lectures on it
  • Notably, several of those who no longer work directly on ‘the front-line’ reveal they’ve still a got a finger on the seemingly irresistible crypto pulse

There’s been no shortage of high-profile traders joining the crypto ranks over the last five years.

The space has now adopted enough former Goldman Sachs employees to form a small football league. Crypto exchange Coinbase alone has adopted dozens of Wall Street heavyweights, including LJ Brock and Christine Sandler (who recently moved to Fidelity).