On-chain activity under the microscope: Poyo returns with a vengeance, Cosmos validators play Prisoner’s Dilemma

Quick Take

  • Infamous Augur user Poyo has exploited a bug in the permissionless prediction market’s ability to dynamically adjust invalid market bonds 
  • MakerDAO polling suggests a further 4% APR Stability Fee hike is imminent
  • Staking percentages among the Cosmos Hub validator set is highly concentrated, with the top 4 validators capable of halting the chain

Infamous Poyo returns, profiting from invalid market creation

Augur is a permissionless prediction market platform, allowing any user to create derivatives markets and any user to buy and sell shares in those markets. On Feb. 2, ether locked in Augur reached an all-time high of 14,632: open interest has since fallen by ~72%.