Facebook Coin: What’s the realistic angle?

Quick Take

  • Barclays Internet analyst Ross Sandler forecasts Facebook Coin to generate as much as $19 billion in incremental revenue by 2021; base-case $3 billion
  • We walk through his assumptions, discuss competition and broader payment implications if adopted

It’s that time of year, the post-earnings lull where equity analysts take time to digest new company information and either reaffirm their views or offer material changes to their theses. For some looking to make a splash, the occasional brow-raising bold calls trickle out as well.

This week, Barclays’ internet analyst Ross Sandler released a note to clients which walked through his bullish view on Facebook Coin, suggesting the project could unlock as much as $19 billion in incremental revenue by 2021, and a conservative base-case forecast of $3 billion.