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On-chain activity under the microscope: Dharma Lever offers loans at 0.10% APR, MolochDAO raises $150,000 in first week

Quick Take

  • Dharma Lever and Nuo Network went live, offering attractive borrow and lending rates, respectively
  • Bitcoin and Ethereum’s Fee Ratio Multiple both down since start of 2019
  • Uniswap briefly overtakes Bancor volume and dominates 0x relayer activity
  • MolochDAO launches, with Guild currently containing over $150,000 in Wrapped ETH

Bitcoin and Ethereum’s Fee Ratio Multiples both down since start of 2019

The Fee Ratio Multiple (FRM) measures the extent to which transaction fee revenue must grow in order to sustain existing security levels in the absence of issuance subsidies. FRM is calculated as Miner Revenue [block rewards + transaction fees] / Transaction fees.