Money 2.0 Stuff: Child pornography via OP_RETURNs

Quick Take

  • What are the limits of blockchain immutability? Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision, a 2018 fork of Bitcoin Cash (itself a 2017 fork of Bitcoin), is in the process of testing the limits of social consensus around what information can go on public blockchains.

Child Pornography via OP_RETURNs

A major change in the Craig Wright / Faketoshi-led project is in the use of OP_RETURN, an old transaction type that allows users to store data on the Bitcoin blockchain. In a previous discussion of OP_RETURN, The Block’s Steven Zheng discussed some of these uses:

Bitcoin enables users and businesses to embed 80 bytes of arbitrary data into its blockchain through OP_RETURN transactions … The activation of OP_RETURN led to creative uses on Bitcoin.