Binance moves away from Ethereum as it prepares to launch DEX

Quick Take

  • Binance Chain as well as Binance DEX is set to launch on testnet in the next week or two
  • Binance Chain was built Tendermint protocol and uses DPoS and BTF
  • The listing fee will “probably be close to $100,000” to deter spam and scams
  • Initially Binance Chain will have only 11 validator nodes but eventually Binance’s influence will decrease

Binance is moving its token off of Ethereum as it prepares to launch its own decentralized exchange.

Binance DEX’s testnet built on top of Binance Chain is set to launch “in the next week or two” according to Binance CEO Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao. In a Q&A live stream on Thursday, CZ revealed details about the launch of Binance Chain.