Mapping out Blockstream

Quick Take

  • Blockstream was founded in 2014 by Adam Back, Matt Corallo, Pieter Wuille, Jonathan Wilkins, Erik Svenson, Jorge Timón, Mark Friedenbach, Matt Corallo, Alex Fowler, Austin Hill, and Gregory Maxwell
  • The firm has raised $90M from investors including Khosla Ventures, Blockchain Capital, and Reid Hoffman
  • Blockstream has nearly 50 publicly disclosed team members

Blockstream is one of the most influential businesses in Bitcoin. The Bitcoin and blockchain technology development firm was founded in 2014 by well-respected cypherpunk, Adam Back, and a host of other prominent Bitcoin developers.

Blockstream has raised $90M in venture capital funding to develop products and services for Bitcoin. These include the Liquid Network sidechain, its cryptocurrency data feed, and its Blockstream Satellite