MolochDAO: coordination infrastructure for the common good

Quick Take

  • MolochDAO is an experimental, decentralized grant-making organization seeking to overcome the tragedy of the commons afflicting core protocol development
  • Game theory mechanics prevent members from abusing their voting shares and encourage coordination among stakeholders
  • If successful, MolochDAO could pave the way for the resurgence of decentralized autonomous organizations and reduce community reliance on centralized foundations

Core protocol development currently suffers from the Tragedy of the Commons, an age-old ailment in which participants benefit from a shared resource but, through self-interest, are disincentivized from contributing to its maintenance and growth.

While Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the myriad alternative blockchains on the market have all been explicitly designed to incentivize for security via block rewards, formal economic incentives for contributing to a blockchain’s codebase are largely absent.